1. The student should currently be studying in Class VIII, IX, X & XI. Students who are currently in class XII or have appeared for their Class XII Board Exams in 2016 or earlier are not eligible to apply.
  2. The student must be a citizen of India on the date of the application

If you meet both of the above criteria and have the potential to get the Scholarships.. Apply Now!

To apply; click on this link:

A Synopsis of the Application Process

MASTERSTOKE – the comprehensive evaluation process behind the Scholarships – is designed to identify and analyze the strengths of each students. The process has four steps:

  1. Registration for the Scholarships (Online) – Available till midnight of 2nd June, 2017
  2. Evaluation of Academic Merit

Potential Discovery Test* (Paper based Test) – From 8:30 am of 4th June, 2017

  1. Assessment of Profile

Universal Student Application (Online) – Available from 11:00 am of 15th May, 2017

Aptitude Profiling Test (Online Test) – Available from 11:00 am of 1st May, 2017

  1. Personal Interview & College Curriculum Assessment Test

College Curriculum Assessment Test (Paper based Test) – At the time of Personal Interview Personal Interview – For interview schedule, turn to page

* Exemption from appearing in Potential Discovery Test (Paper-1 and / or Paper-2) is available. For exemption, you need to submit your Official SAT and / or SAT Subject Scores (Please see 

All Evaluations are automated and shall be done by software.