Students who are applying for USA UnivQuest Scholarships will have to complete all relevant sections of Universal Student Application.


Complete Online Profile i.e. Universal Student Application Preferred

Deadline – 4th June, 2017

Deadline – 7th June, 2017

Students applying for the Scholarships will have to complete all relevant sections of the Universal Student Application which will be available from 11:00 am of 15th May, 2017.

Additionally, students are also required to complete their Aptitude Profiling Test. This test will be available online from 11:00 am of 1st May, 2017. Results of this test will be updated in the Universal Student Application portal.

Both Universal Student Application & Aptitude Profiling Test will be available from the designated dates at

Things to do before filling the Online Profile

To upload your profile smoothly and efficiently, you are suggested to keep ready all your documents related to your profile. Please keep your school report card handy, create your CV, and arrange evidence of all the awards and recognitions received by you.

All documents from class VIII onwards can be used as part of your application. While completing your application, you would be asked for:

  • Your biographical details.
  • Your scholastic achievements, including scores and/or ranks in individual subjects taught at school from class VIII onwards. These may be Regional Exams like JSTSE or National Exams like NTSE or exams for admission in the US universities like PSAT, SAT, SAT Subjects, SSAT & Advanced Placements.
  • Your extra-curricular and co-curricular activities & achievements. If you have the Certificates against your participation and/or achievements, please obtain a scanned copy of it for uploading on the Application Portal.
  • Letters of Recommendation from your School teachers (minimum 2).
  • You will also have to answer a few long and short essay questions that would provide us with an insight on what motivates you for success. The topics for the essays shall be available online on 1st May, 2017.