Offering merit-based 100% Financial Aid for Undergraduate study in the USA.

The USA UnivQuest Scholarships would remove the biggest hurdle that Indian students face while seeking to study in the USA – arranging their finances. Each Scholarship covers full tuition fees and reasonable living expenses for the full duration of undergraduate studies at the designated universities in the USA.

The Scholarships will endeavor to support a maximum of 24 scholars chosen through MasterStroke – a transparent and comprehensive selection process, powered by USA UnivQuest.


The USA UnivQuest Scholarships have two categories:

  1. Ivy League Scholarship – For a maximum of 12 scholars who are admitted to the “Ivy League” institutions in the USA.
  2. Statue of Liberty Scholarship – For a maximum of 12 scholars who are admitted to 7 of the Best
    Ranked Universities in the USA.

The Scholarships will be awarded to the brightest school students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and potential for excellence. In addition, students will be evaluated for their leadership and zeal to bring about positive change in India.

If you are…

Ambitious          – You have the zeal to be the best in whatever you do

Competitive      –  You relish the opportunity to lock horns with the best

Creative             –  You try to find innovative solutions for your daily tasks

Humble              –  You have the wisdom to accept that your best today must be bettered tomorrow

Passionate         –  You strongly believe in an idea or subject that is important to you

Persevering        – You have the steel to pick yourself up from a failure

Self-Motivated   – You remain committed on the assigned job till its completion

Studious             – You diligently complete your homework and rank at the top of your class

You could be the one we are looking for !

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